We believe it is truly a privilege to be an integral part of our community–just as we have been since 1875, and will continue to be for the next century and beyond. As a mutual bank, we have no shareholders. This allows us to remain local. More importantly, as the only bank headquartered right here in our community, we know that we are in business because of our community and for our community. This is our only home – and we know we cannot continue to thrive or survive without a strong local economy.

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Original Village Branch

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Original Village Branch Interior

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Marlboro Street Branch Construction

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Grand Opening of Marlboro Street

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Grand Opening of Court Street

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Court Street Branch

A brief overview of some historical milestones

1875 Chartered in State of NH and open for business as Savings Bank of Walpole

1892 Westminster Street Branch in Walpole opens

1896 The only bank in Cheshire County to survive “The Panic of 1896”

1912 Titanic sinks

1913 Federal Reserve System is born

1929 Stock market crashes- the beginning of the Great Depression

1930 Total Assets $1,461,000

1964 Total Assets $15,029,432

1975 Savings Bank of Walpole celebrates 100th Anniversary

1975 First ATM “The Walpole 25 Hours Banker- A Money Machine” installed at Walpole branch

1990 IGA in Walpole partners with SBW, becomes first grocery store in NH to offer a bank card

1990 Grand Opening of North Meadow Plaza branch in Walpole

1992 Riverside Plaza, Keene branch opens

1996 www.walpolebank.com goes live on the “World Wide Web”

1996 Bank-By-Phone introduced

2000 New branch opens on West Street, Keene (Riverside Plaza branch closes)

2000 Internet Banking launched

2001 Marlboro Street, Keene branch opens

2007 Start of the housing collapse and recession

2008 Us Government launches TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program)- not needed at SBW due to excellent credit quality

2016 Total Assets $361,000,000– the only bank still headquartered in Cheshire County

2017 New branch opens at 817 Court Street, Keene

2018 Savings Bank of Walpole’s Board and Corporators vote overwhelmingly to affiliate with New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp (NHMB)– a mutual holding company and a steward of local, community-based mutual banking in New Hampshire.  For the purpose of affiliating with NHMB, the Bank reorganizes into a mutual holding company structure, and creates a newly chartered subsidiary to continue as successor to the original Savings Bank of Walpole (originally chartered in 1875)

2018 Total Assets $400,000,000- Same bank name, same people, same local values…greater strength