At Savings Bank of Walpole, we’re here to make managing your money simple. We strive to offer superior value in our account offerings, coupled with the latest digital banking services for added convenience – no hidden fees, no gimmicks and no surprises. You can even open your account online and start enjoying the benefits of banking with Savings Bank of Walpole in just minutes.

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Compare and choose the checking account option that’s best for you.


Non-Interest CheckingTruly Free CheckingSenior Checking
(Age 62+)
No minimum balance requirement
No monthly service fee
Complimentary online, mobile and TellerPhone banking
Complimentary debit card
Earns interest
Free standard checks or a discount on other styles

Non-Interest Checking

Our most basic checking account offering. No minimum balance requirements and no monthly service charge.

Truly Free Checking

Our most popular checking account. No minimum balance requirements and no monthly service charge – with the added bonus of earning interest on balances over $100.

Senior Checking

Customers over 62 years of age get an extra perk – complimentary standard checks or other check styles at 50% off, so long as you make your order through the bank. Like Truly Free Checking, you’ll enjoy no minimum balance requirements or monthly service charge and you’ll earn interest on balances over $100.

Overdraft Options

Transfer Account Protection

We will transfer funds from another SBW checking or savings account to cover an overdraft on a checking account.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Our Overdraft Protection Line of Credit is attached to your Savings Bank of Walpole checking account and advances funds to your account if an overdraft occurs.