Additional Services

Instant Issue Debit Mastercard®

Use your Debit Mastercard® anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Or access your cash at ATMs 24 hours a day. You’ll get your card on the same day you open your account– and if it is ever lost or damaged, we can replace it on-the-spot at one of our branches.

Learn more about your Debit Mastercard®

Cashier’s Checks / Money Order

  • Available at any of our branches
  • One free per day for SBW customers

Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Available at North Meadow Plaza, Westminster Street and Marlboro Street Branches
  • Save $5 by having your SBW Checking or Savings account debited for payment
  • Several sizes available to protect your valuables

Wire Transfers

Transfer funds directly to someone within or outside of the US. Wire transfers can be transacted at any of our branches.

  • Safe
  • Immediate availability

More Services

  • Bank-By-Mail
  • Notary Services
  • Signature guarantee
  • Night Depository
  • Foreign Currency (Canadian, Euros, and Pounds)