Your new SBW contactless debit card is the easy way to pay

We wanted to remind you that when your current SBW debit card expires, we’ll replace it with a new SBW contactless debit card. The SBW contactless debit card is equipped with the latest chip and contactless technologies so you can just tap, insert and/or swipe your card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Don’t want to wait for your card to expire to get the SBW contactless card? Visit one of our branches to get a replacement card for a $10 fee.
To “tap” or make a contactless purchase, look for this symbol at checkout and then:

1. Tap your card in front of payment terminal and hold it until you hear a beep or see a green light.
2. Follow prompts on screen to confirm payment.
You can also manage all your payment information with your SBW Debit Mastercard: 
CardSwap Easily update new debit card information across your favorite subscriptions and digital point-of-sale services (Amazon, Netflix , etc.). Log into online banking or the SBW app and select CardSwap in the Services menu.
Mobile Wallet Use Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay or Google Pay on your mobile phone or Apple Watch to tap and pay.
Safeguard your card.
When it comes to the security of your card, proactive monitoring and early fraud detection make all the difference. Our Fraud Center monitors card transactions 24/7 and will alert you when a suspicious card transaction is detected. Help us provide you with the most convenient and secure card use experience:
1. Notify us if you will be traveling out of state.
2. Keep your contact info up to date.
3. Monitor your accounts regularly and let us know if there is a transaction you do not recognize.
4. MyCardRules™ is a mobile app that helps prevent fraud by letting you set spending limits, designate where your card
can be used, receive instant transaction alerts and even temporarily suspend your card if lost, stolen or damaged.
How to Report Your Card Lost or Stolen
Please notify us immediately if you notice your card is missing. During business hours: Call us at (603)352-1822 or
(877)-WALPOLE l After business hours: Call TellerPhone banking at (603) 355-1696 or (877)-WALPOLE or our Card Center at (888) 297-3416.
If you report a card after hours, please also contact us or stop by during business hours to be issued a replacement card.