Health Savings Account

This disclosure contains information about terms, fees, and interest rates for some of the accounts we offer.

  • Minimum deposit to open: $10.00
  • No monthly service charge.
  • Interest1 is earned on a tiered rate. A minimum daily collected balance of $0.01 is required to earn interest.
  • Limitations: Any deposits to this account will be applied to the current calendar year unless eligible AND specified on a Contribution Form as a Prior Year contribution.

 1Variable-rate account. At our discretion we may change the interest rates and annual percentage yields at any time without notice. Fees may reduce earnings. Interest will be compounded every month and credited to your account every month. The daily balance method is used to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day. On non-cash deposits (checks, for example), interest will begin to accrue no later than the next business day.  Rate sheet available at any office or online at

For additional information on current rates, applicable fees, and terms, please speak with a Customer Service Representative.

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