Here’s why local servicing of your loan really matters!

loan servicing


When you go local with a mortgage from Savings Bank of Walpole, we’ll be here for you long after you close on your loan. That means if you ever have questions — or if anything goes wrong — you’ll be able to talk with a local person, not some voice at the end of a long phone chain or website form.

But what could go wrong?

  • Well, hopefully nothing — but you just never know!
  • What if you ever have an insurance claim and your homeowner’s insurance carrier sends you a claim check made out to you and the mortgage holder? How will you get that check endorsed if your loan is serviced by some faraway company?
  • What if you have questions about your escrow account? Who can you meet with to explain everything in detail?
  • What if, for some reason, you have a lost or missing payment? Who will be able to help you resolve the problem?            

At Savings Bank of Walpole, we can answer “we will” to all the above scenarios. We have mortgage specialists and loan servicers here to help you after the loan closes. We don’t intend to sell your loan servicing to some big, out-of-state bank, company or investor. And with SBW servicing your loan, you’ll keep your money working locally, right here in your community. We call it the SBW Local AdvantageSM and it’s one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy by choosing our community’s truly local bank for your mortgage needs (or any other banking needs, for that matter!). 

Need more reasons to go local?

  • Great customer service from your own local home loan team, here to meet face-to-face if you ever need them.
  • Quick, local decisions
  • Unmatched knowledge of our local real estate market
  • Low closing costs compared to most other lenders

Have additional mortgage questions? Let us be your guide!

Or, give Jessica Weston a call at (603) 355-1677.