Christine Greenwood honored by New Hampshire Housing Authority

Savings Bank of Walpole is pleased to announce that Mortgage Loan Officer Christine Greenwood-Smart has been recognized by New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority (NHHFA) as an outstanding loan originator for 2018. The Bank was also recognized by NHHFA as an Outstanding Participating Originator.

Each year, NHHFA recognizes lenders and loan originators for their efforts in helping homebuyers across the state find affordable homes and loans. “Our top lenders and loan originators are key to supporting affordable housing opportunities for New Hampshire households,” noted Ignatius MacLellan, managing director of NHHFA’s Homeownership Division. “Their service to customers helps provide affordable mortgages that give borrowers the opportunity for successful homeownership.” 

“We’d like to congratulate Christine on being recognized by NHHFA,” says Mark Bodin, President of Savings Bank of Walpole. “Because of her extensive knowledge about New Hampshire Housing mortgages homeownership programs, their unique features and ways they can benefit potential buyers, she has helped turn homeownership into a reality for many SBW customers. We’re also pleased that the Bank has been recognized by NHHFA as an Outstanding Participating Originator. As a truly local bank, mortgage loan decisions are made right here and we’re always looking at ways we can better serve our customers. New Hampshire Housing mortgage programs are helping us do just that.”