Local Business Banking at The Hungry Diner

Best bank for a community business? Ask a Local.

“With SBW’s help, our restaurant is full of local flavor.”

Caitlin and Chris Caserta | Owners
The Hungry Diner | SBW Customers since 2004

From locally sourced meats, cheese, bread and milk, to the lumber and tradespeople used to build the restaurant itself, The Hungry Diner in Walpole represents owners Chris and Caitlin Caserta’s commitment to sustainability and supporting our community.

Local bank. Local people. Local decisions.
As a truly local bank, at Savings Bank of Walpole, we embrace a similar ethos when it comes to our customers and community – which is why Caitlin and Chris Caserta count Savings Bank of Walpole among the many local businesses they work with — and why they’ve been longtime SBW business banking customers.

“SBW is a community bank which means our money is in good hands. Local people and businesses benefit from the bank’s local focus,” says Chris. “And, because we’re busy running the restaurant, we love their online banking – it saves us a lot of time.”

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