Personal Financial Management

personal finance management

Managing Money, Made Easy.

Become financially savvy; maximize your financial management capabilities with the seamless integration of digital banking tools.

All Your Accounts, All in One Place.

Life is stressful; your finances don’t have to be. Keeping track of your finances across all your banking platforms can be challenging to manage. We are here to help you simplify your finances. Our SBW Personal Financial Management (PFM) lets you see all your accounts in one place. 

Gain a multidimensional view of your finances and make smarter choices for you and your family. Easily keep track of your financial transactions and balances, manage your spending and debts, calculate your net worth, and see spending trends over specific periods, all in one place. Simply connect your loans, credit cards, and deposit accounts to your SBW account.

Connect All Your Bank Accounts
Connect All Your Bank Accounts


  • Net Worth: With this feature, you can easily track your net worth over time by viewing the combined value of all your connected accounts, both internal and external.
  • Budget: Enables budget allocation for various expense categories and facilitates monthly progress monitoring.
  • Spending: Provides a visual depiction of your expenditures over time, enabling you to understand how you allocate your funds and analyze your cash flow.
  • Trends: Expands on budgeting categories for monitoring expenses against income over time.
  • Debts: This feature provides a single platform to view all your debt accounts and evaluate the effect of additional payments or complete repayment towards reducing your overall debt over a period.
 Categorize Your Spending
 Categorize Your Spending
Budget and Track Where You Spend Your Money
Budget and Track Where You Spend Your Money

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