Debit Mastercard

Use your Debit Mastercard anywhere Mastercard® credit cards are accepted. Or access your cash at ATMs 24 hours a day.

  • Free initial card & no monthly fee
  • Instantly receive your debit card when you open your account
  • Purchases are deducted directly from your checking or savings account
  • Transactions appear in your online account history and on your statement

Mastercard® SecureCode™

Savings Bank of Walpole is pleased to offer you Mastercard SecureCode. Provided in association with Mastercard International, this service protects your card against unauthorized use when you shop online at participating retailers.

If you make a purchase in a shop, you enter a PIN number or sign a receipt to validate the transaction. Mastercard SecureCode mimics this process over the Internet by providing a digital receipt that you sign off with a One Time Pin.

Safety & Security

Debit Card Activity Monitoring

Savings Bank of Walpole partners with a third party vendor to monitor your debit card activity for potential fraud 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your transactions are monitored and you may receive an alert when a transaction that is atypical or suspicious is detected. If fraud is suspected, the following will occur:

  • Your debit card will be temporarily blocked from use to prevent further fraud.
  • You will receive a text, email and/or voice call from our fraud center if a suspicious transaction is detected.
  • You will never be asked to provide your account number, social security number or any other personal information.
  • If they are unable to reach you, they will leave a message for you to return a phone call.
  • If the transactions are legitimate and you verify this either by text or phone call back to the Risk Management Analyst or the Bank, your card will be restored to full access.
  • If the transactions are not legitimate, your card will be turned off and you will be asked to contact the Bank as soon as possible. We will assist you with reviewing your account and filling out any necessary fraudulent transaction dispute forms to help resolve any associated issues for you as soon as possible.

Some of the activities that may prompt a call include:

  • Suddenly using your debit card in a new location, either domestically or overseas
  • Having a sudden string of purchases
  • Any pattern associated with new fraud trends in our community or around the world

If you notice any fraudulent transactions on your debit card outside normal banking hours, please do not hesitate to restrict your own debit card by calling (800) 237-8990.

Traveling? Let Us Know!

In order to protect you from current regional trends in fraudulent debit card transactions, Savings Bank of Walpole may institute blocks on debit cards, generally on a temporary basis. If you are traveling, remember to let us know and we can unblock your specific card based on your plans. 

Important Safety Tips:

  • To report your card lost or stolen during business hours, call us at (603) 352-1822 or (877) 925-7653. After business hours, call TellerPhone at (603) 355-1696, or call the main line at (877) 925-7653.
  • Review your account and transactions online.
  • Remember to remove your chip card once your transaction is complete.
  • Do not share your PIN.
  • Make sure we have your latest contact information, including your cell phone number, on file so we can reach you promptly if fraud is suspected.

Chip Card Technology

Chip Card technology is a proven technology that is already in wide use around the world.  Shop with confidence anywhere in the world knowing your card will be safe and accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chip card or EMV card?

A chip or EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) card is a card with chip-based technology that features an embedded microchip to provide enhanced security and protection against fraud. Your card information on the chip is encrypted making it difficult to be copied or counterfeited.

What are the benefits of chip cards?

The biggest benefit of chip cards is found in their increased security features. The chip adds an extra layer of protection when used at a chip-card terminal, using encryption and single-use codes to protect your information. Also, the chip card has greater acceptance when traveling as chip cards are common around the world, including Canada, Mexico and the Europe.

How do I use my chip card at chip-enabled merchant or ATM?

If the retailer has a chip enabled terminal, insert your chip card in the terminal. The chip card will remain in the terminal while the transaction is processed. To authorize your transaction you will need to follow the prompts. You will be asked to enter your PIN or provide a signature as you normally would to verify the transaction. Remove your card from the terminal once the transaction is complete.

Will cardholders with magnetic stripe cards be able to use EMV terminals?

Yes, the EMV terminals will also have a magnetic stripe card reader. For the foreseeable future credit and debit cards will be issued with a chip on the front of the card and familiar magnetic stripe on the back of the card allowing the card to be used at either type of terminal.

Do EMV cards require different processing methods for online/web based purchases?

No. As a cardholder manually inputs their account number and credentials into a checkout page, there is no chip interaction in the transaction and no opportunity to for a transaction-specific cryptogram to be created to further authenticate the transaction.

Is there a difference between chip-PIN and chip-signature transactions?

Not necessarily. PIN and signature are two types of cardholder verification methods (CVMs) that are supported by the EMV standard and an issuer has a choice of which CVMs it will use. Similarly, a merchant has the option of allowing different types of CVMs to be used on its terminals. The terminal and chip card must have at least one mutually-supported CVM in order to process an EMV transaction.

Will I still be notified if there is suspected fraud on my chip card?

Yes. If there is suspected fraud on your card you will be contacted by our card processor either via a text message or phone call to validate the transaction(s) in question.

Will my chip card work at an ATM?

Yes, you can continue to use your card as you do today, following the instructions on the ATM.

Now that I have a chip card, do I need to notify the bank before I travel?

Yes. We recommend that you always let us know your travel plans so your card access is not interrupted. We will continue to monitor your card activity even when the travel notice is set. If you encounter any issues while traveling please contact us. You can contact us at 1-877-925-7653 or 603-352-1822 or submit a request via online banking.

Is my EMV card a contactless card?

No. Your chip card cannot be tapped on a terminal or waived near a terminal. It must be inserted into the EMV terminal reader.

Can my EMV chip card be flat printed?SBW now issues flat printed cards.

Upon expiration, embossed cards will be replaced with flat printed cards.

Your Chip Card is Simple to Use:

STEP 1: 
Within the front facing up as shown, insert your card into the ATM or in-store terminal. Do not remove your card until the transaction is complete. If you remove it too soon, your transaction will be cancelled.

STEP 2: Follow the on-screen instructions.

STEP 3: You may be required to enter your PIN or sign the sales receipt to complete your purchase.

STEP 4: When the transaction is complete, always remember to remove your card.


Card Designs

Savings Bank of Walpole offers multiple EMV Chip card designs. Unless you request a different design by calling (603) 352-1822 or 1-877-925-7653 within 60 days of your existing card expiration date you will receive the Blue Background EMV Chip card.

Card design options include Graphic SBW Eagle designs, as well as Scenic Photos by local photographer Jeffrey Newcomer (