Local Business Banking at Beeze Tees


As owner of Beeze Tees, Tim Pipp’s success is the result of attention to detail, producing quality products and providing great customer service. When it comes to business banking, Tim knows a good fit when he sees it—for him, that’s Savings Bank of Walpole.

“I’m not just an account,” says Tim. “At SBW, they care about local businesses—and our community. Products like online banking and remote deposit capture, save me time—plus loan decisions are made right here.”

At SBW, we appreciate the vital role local businesses play in our community. That’s why we offer simple, straightforward, low-fee business checking accounts—plus mobile business banking, e-banking, fraud protection, and much more.

Ready to try a new style of business banking? Come see us, call 603-352-1822 or click below.