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As owner of Saxy Chef LLC, Aubrey Saxton’s goal when creating her award-winning desserts is simple: Make each item the best thing that her customers have ever eaten. Thanks to a Commercial Installment Loan from SBW, Aubrey recently moved her bakery from Antrim to a larger space in Keene where she has increased production to keep up with growing customer demand. Aubrey is now able to make more of the dough she uses in one of her many varieties of delicious pies — including her famous Scrap Pie — as well as bake off a lot more cookies, brownies and bars.

“When I knew we were moving the business to Keene, I had heard that SBW was good to other small businesses,” says Aubrey. “The first time I met with SBW Commercial Lender Andrew Richardson, he confirmed my expectations about the way SBW supports local businesses. He really took the time to understand my business and knew what I was going to need to expand operations and production.”

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