Message from our President

Message to Our Customers, Staff and Community

I often remind people that the first word in Community Banking is “Community”.  Besides being proper English, I consider the placement of the words as an indicator that our true mission is to improve the lives of all members of our community – and banking is our means.  Viewing our mission this way makes it easy to see that our true role is to work with everyone, in all corners of our community, to achieve this worthy mission. 

In my 12+ years at Savings Bank of Walpole, I have witnessed and experienced the interwoven relationship between our bank and our community firsthand.  As our region’s only local bank, our role in the local economy seems obvious, but I am continually inspired by the extraordinary level of SBW’s commitment to our community as a whole – and by how deeply it is felt by our staff, as well as our local Board of Directors.  It clearly is a point of pride for our entire organization.  As “Your Bank” we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting our region’s economy. 

In 2022, SBW funded more than $188 million in loans in our community.  These loans to our local businesses and families were a reinvestment of your local deposits – we are the only bank that can assure you your deposits stay in your home community.  SBW spent more than $2 million with local vendors to further support our community.  SBW provided more than $400,000 of financial support to local nonprofits and initiatives and more than 40% of our staff serve on local boards and committees.  SBW provides you with the opportunity to reinvest in your own community and are proud to say that a record number of community members continue to join us in our common mission to improve the lives of all members of our community.

We truly believe in this region and value our partnerships with all of you in making this region a special place to live, to visit and to raise a family.


Mark Bodin