Holiday Club Account

This disclosure contains information about terms, fees, and interest rates for some of the accounts we offer.

Interest Rates and Annual Percentage Yields are current as of Tuesday, June 30, 2020.
For current rate information call (603) 352-1822.

Rate Information: This Account is an interest bearing account. The interest rate on the account is 0.20% with an annual percentage yield of 0.20%.

The interest rate and annual percentage yield may change. At our discretion, we may change the interest rate on the account daily. Interest begins to accrue no later than the business day we receive credit for the deposit of noncash items (for example, checks). Interest will not be compounded on the account. Interest will be credited to the account at maturity. If the account is closed before interest is credited, you will not receive the accrued interest. At the end of the club account period September 14, 2019, the funds in the account will be deposited to another account or mailed by check.

Balance Information: We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on the account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day. You must maintain a minimum balance of $0.01 in the account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.

Limitations: The normal number of deposits is 50 per club year. Customers who have completed an auto transfer authorization may make up to 52 deposits per club year depending on the frequency of deposits and the availability of funds. Additional deposits may be made. Additional withdrawals are not permitted and will require closing the account.

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