Front & Center in our Community

What We Believe

  • All businesses have a purpose in this community.
  • We are in business because of our community and for our community.
  • We are customer focused and community centered.
  • Our community is our only home—our employees live and work here, raise our families here, invest here, so we most assuredly want to see our community thrive!

Funding a Vibrant Community

Last year alone, SBW provided…

280 Mortgages (homes) totaling $51 Million

529 Business Loans totaling $76 Million

and supported nearly….

300 Nonprofit Organizations and Initiatives

Thank you for letting us be the Savings Bank of You, the Savings Bank of our Community.

For almost 150 years now, Savings Bank of Walpole has been this area’s truly local, community-minded bank. As the only bank headquartered here, we feel a real connection to—and a responsibility for—our community and the people who live here.

We believe engaging with our community is central to the mission and purpose of a community bank—this is a two-way relationship between the bank and our community—a multi-faceted approach where we can do more than meet the financial needs of our community. In addition to providing financial donations and sponsorships, our work includes so much more—we volunteer; we serve on boards and committees; we provide capacity building; we promote community organizations and events; we match staff with opportunities of interest to them; we find opportunities where we can partner and collaborate with our community; and we look for ways where we can strengthen the work of the community – particularly when it comes to supporting local nonprofit organizations and the important ways they make a real difference in our community and in the lives of those who live here.

To that end, we’re proud to share Front & Center in Our Community—Nonprofit Spotlights, profiles that showcase the great work these organizations are doing. Enjoy