Schedule of Fees Account Disclosure

For your convenience, we have put together this summary of our most common fees and service charges. There may be other fees associated with specific accounts or functions that are not included here. Our Customer Service Representatives would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Account Fees:

Early Account Closing (within 60 days): $15

Escheatment Fee: $75

Debit Card Replacement Fee: $10

Inactive Fee:

       Checking (after 1 year of inactivity): $5

       Savings (after 3 years of inactivity): $5

Legal Processing Fee (Garnishments, levies, writs): $125

Overdrafts and Returned Items:
Returned items may be presented for payment by the payee or their financial institution multiple times. This may result in multiple returned item fees and/or overdraft item fees for the same item. As long as your account is not overdrawn by more than $5 on any given day, we won’t charge you the following fees.

Overdraft Item Fee*: $30 (maximum of 4 fees per business day for personal accounts)

Returned Item Fee: $30 (maximum of 4 fees per business day for personal accounts)

*Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawals, or other electronic means.

Returned Deposited Item Fee: $12

Stop Payment Fee: $35 per request

Transfer Account (Acct) Protection Fee: $5 per transfer


Undeliverable Statement Fee: $5

Monthly Statement Sent to Additional Address Fee: $10

Wire Transfer Fee:

Outgoing Domestic Wires*: $25

Incoming Foreign Wires: $38

Outgoing Foreign Wires*: $50

*Included in account analysis for Flex Business Checking and Nonprofit Advantage Checking