Local Bank. Local Board.

2022 board of directors

Board of Directors of Savings Bank of Walpole

As your local community bank, Savings Bank of Walpole is proud to be represented by a dedicated Board of Directors made up of business and nonprofit leaders whose commitment to this community matches ours.

Left to right: Mark Bodin, Zachary Luse, Mark Gavin, Nathalie Houder, Sylvia McBeth, Jason Houston, Yvonne Goldsberry, Joseph Coneeny (Board Chair), Kathleen Collinsworth, Gregg Tewksbury, Gary Kinyon

Local Corporators of New Hampshire Bancorp

Thomas Bates

Jill Batty

Katie Beam

Mark Bodin

Peter Bowman

Sarah Bradeen

Kathleen Collinsworth

Joseph Coneeny

Martha Curtis

Philip Davis

Bradley Dunbar

Jayson Dunbar

Mark Gavin

Yvonne Goldsberry

Christopher Hamblet

Nathalie Houder

Jason Houston

Susan Howard

Ruth Jacobs

David Johnson

Robert Kimball

Gary Kinyon, Esq.

Linda Lacey

Zachary Luse

Sylvia McBeth

Jennie Meister

Robert Miller

James Neal

Mark Putnam

Michael Snide

Gregg Tewksbury

Donald Tisdale

William Tyson

Peter Whittemore

David Wichland

Jonathan Wildes

Corporators Emeritus

Donald Houghton

Robert Perry

Paul Trask

Joseph Walier