PPP Update 5/5/21

On May 4, the Small Business Association announced that the second round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding has been fully exhausted.

As of today, May 5, the SBA’s PPP Application Portal has stopped accepting applications.

For any of you who are currently in the process of completing an application or getting funding through this program, our Commercial Lending team will be in touch. Meanwhile, if you have questions prior to us reaching out to you, please feel free to call Andrew Richardson at 603-355-1614 or email him here.  

Of course, we will continue to keep you informed about any updates we hear along the way.

Here at Savings Bank of Walpole, as the savings bank of our community we are glad to have been able to assist local employers with a total of over $50 million in PPP funding. We hope you are among those who have been able to take advantage of the program.